Pennsylvanians suffered through Tom Wolf’s abuse of power that limited our freedoms, closed our businesses and restricted our personal and religious liberties. As Governor, Jason will:

  • Champion and defend the Constitutional Rights of all Pennsylvanians to ensure we live free and without government interference
  • Eliminate any remaining Wolf Mandates
  • Defend the 2nd Amendment
  • Protect the sanctity of life

Pennsylvania families are hurting. Skyrocketing inflation, rising energy costs and an overall increase in the cost of living are squeezing our family budgets. Jason will cut costs for Pennsylvanians by:

  • Beginning the phase out of the Pennsylvania personal income tax. Taking the income tax to 0% will generate more money for Pennsylvanians, more business and job growth and ultimately more money for the Commonwealth
  • Implementing zero based and performance-based budgeting
  • Eliminating school property taxes for senior citizens
  • Identifying and eliminating unfunded mandates placed on our counties, cities, municipalities and school districts
  • Eliminating areas of inefficiencies and redundancy in state government

Pennsylvania is blessed to have an abundance of natural resources.  We can be a global powerhouse in energy production.  Jason will unleash our energy assets to the world and become an energy leader that will create jobs, decrease our reliance on foreign countries and reduce Pennsylvanian’s utility bills.

  • End Tom Wolf’s Energy Tax (R.G.G.I.)
  • Lift the moratorium on drilling under state lands
  • Upgrade and modernize our gas pipeline infrastructure
  • Re-establish Pennsylvania’s Energy Executive to coordinate overall state energy policy

The number one priority of government is public safety.  As Governor, Jason will ensure the safety of our communities, neighborhoods and families by:

  • Fully funding our law enforcement
  • Eliminating sanctuary cities
  • Protecting Pennsylvanians’ right to bear arms and constitutional carry
  • Addressing the opioid and drug crisis as a threat to the Commonwealth
  • Fixing our mental and behavioral health systems

Education is the civil rights issue of our generation.  Every child deserves the opportunity to obtain a quality education. In addition, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of separating special interests and empowering parents in our children’s education.  Jason will put our children’s education first by:

  • Preparing every student to be career/trade or college ready
  • Banning Critical Race Theory
  • Elevating the level of transparency in the classroom to stop the rise of politics being taught in our classrooms
  • Establish Education Savings Accounts (ESA’s)
  • Provide greater inclusion of parents in educational and curriculum decisions
  • Support portability of funding so that education funds follow the student
  • Promote access to education scholarships, charter schools and home-schooling options
  • Put more funding into the classroom
  • Enhance technical and vocational education opportunities, including apprenticeships with business while in high school

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate continues to lag the national average. Our citizens continue to leave the Commonwealth for greater opportunities in other states.  As Governor, Jason will invest in job creators by:

  • Eliminating the Pennsylvania personal and business income tax, which will unleash the economic power of Pennsylvania and create tens of thousands of new jobs
  • Reduce Harrisburg’s anti-business culture by eliminating regulatory red tape
  • Encourage export and import growth by marketing Pennsylvania to foreign countries and businesses

The 2020 election created confusion and distrust in our election system.  As Governor, Jason will make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.  Jason will begin to restore public trust in our elections by:

  • Repealing no-excuse absentee ballots
  • Requiring a voter ID to vote
  • Make Election Day a statewide holiday to increase voter participation, as well as poll watchers and election volunteers who will make it harder to cheat
  • Demand that election machines provide paper receipts so tabulations can be accurately counted and audited

Pennsylvanians have grown tired of bloated government that has grown too big, too costly and too bureaucratic to address the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly growing society.  For decades, politicians have given into special interests.  As Governor, Jason will stand with everyday Pennsylvanians to make government work for them by:

  • Protecting our constitutional rights
  • Eliminating per diems and require receipts for reimbursement for all state government
  • Banning all gifts to state employees and state elected officials
  • Banning political consultants from running campaigns
  • Reducing waste and the cost of state and local government

Unelected officials have now raised tolls on the Turnpike for 13 consecutive years to pay its massive debt and to make legislatively mandated payments to PennDOT. This increase in tolls is essentially a tax increase that is disproportionately felt by southeastern Pennsylvanians, who pay 60% of all tolls. To increase efficiency, eliminate bureaucracy, and increase funding for the state budget, Jason will either merge the Turnpike Commission into PennDOT or privatize our toll roads to generate substantial and sustainable revenue.

  • Modernizing the Pennsylvania Turnpike to continue making it more transparent and accountable to taxpayers and consumers

Pennsylvania enacted this system after Prohibition to discourage and limit the sale of alcohol. The system is outdated. Pennsylvania is one of only two states with this archaic system. Government should not be competing with the private sector. The state store system should be privatized so that the state can obtain nearly $1 billion in proceeds from licenses that can be used to support the state budget.

  • Fully privatizing the liquor system in Pennsylvania


Jason is running to be the Republican nominee for Governor.

Remember, you must be registered as a Republican to vote in the May 2022 Republican primary.

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