Pittsburgh, March 17, 2022 — Republican gubernatorial candidate Jason Richey announced today that he is withdrawing from the race for Pennsylvania governor and is endorsing fellow Republican Bill McSwain. Richey released the following statement:

“From day one, I was in this race to win it. My primary goal has never been my own political future but rather restoring Pennsylvania to our place as the Keystone State that upholds constitutional rights, empowers parents to direct their children’s education, and embraces our energy potential.

Thousands of supporters from across the state joined me in this effort from every corner of the Commonwealth, and I am honored by their support. Together, we shocked the political world doing something no one thought possible.

However, today can’t be about me; it must be about leadership.   We need a unified party to defeat the disastrous left-wing policies of Gov. Tom Wolf and Josh Shapiro that have decimated our communities.

My decision at this time will help unify our party and put us in the strongest possible position to defeat the left-wing Shapiro agenda in the fall and, more importantly, help build a better life for our families here in Pennsylvania.

For my part, I will be dedicating my efforts to electing Republican candidates for offices across the state.

First and foremost, I will be working to elect Bill McSwain as our next governor. Like me, Bill McSwain is not a career politician but a political outsider who shares the vision of revitalizing our economy, restoring educational freedom, and removing the barriers that hold Pennsylvania back.

To ensure Bill’s success as our next governor, we will need a strong Republican majority in the state House and Senate.  This leadership will be needed to implement Bill’s agenda and improve the lives of our working families.

The people of Pennsylvania have suffered enough under Gov. Tom Wolf’s harmful policies—policies supported by Democrat Josh Shapiro. It’s time for a new direction. Bill McSwain is best positioned to win the November election and lead Pennsylvania down a brighter path.

I am incredibly grateful to the thousands of Pennsylvanians who believed in me and embraced my campaign’s vision of putting people first and once again making Pennsylvania into a state of opportunity.

Moving forward, I look forward to supporting Bill McSwain for governor, and I urge my fellow Republicans to join me in doing the same.”


Christina Brussalis